we are living in an analog world


People often pigeonhole what my team does as Digital Marketing. It’s a term that seems to cover all PC and mobile-based web marketing. In contrast, there is an ATL team, a BTL team, a retail team etc etc.

My team mates have started to refer to all these “non-digital” practices as Analog Marketing. It sounds ludicrous (which is the point) and obviously paints a picture of outdated thoughts and technologies, which suits us.

But a few days ago it dawned on me that, actually, we live in an Analog world, and that as good marketers we should remember this.

Analog data is continuous. Good marketing is now aware of the continous conversations that exist on the internet, and activities should be born to live, not born to die.

Analog has unwanted noise. With as many as 5000 advertising messages per day, good marketers have to accept noise too. In such a noisy environment, shouting louder won’t work. Instead, we have to draw people in with something of genuine value, and get people to voluntarily block out the noise and give you their undivided attention.

Also, no good marketing stays digital for long. For example, ESPN showed this great Youtube clip on TV, then did their own great remix/response, which of course ended up back on Youtube: Digital to Analog back to Digital.

Also, it’s easy to forget that 4 million unique users of Twitter in December means less than 0.1% global penetration rate. Similarly for all the talk of online buzz, 93% of word of mouth happens offline (although people who research online are more likely to have these offline discussions)

So, as much as we tend to think everything is becoming digital, it might be a good idea to remember that Life will always, actually, be lived in Analog.

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