Social engagement improves search results.

I work on a team called “Search and Social” at Nokia, so this report is important to us as it supports our view that the two are inherently linked.

GroupM Search, comScore Announce Study “The Influenced: Social Media, Search and the Interplay of Consideration and Consumption”

– consumers exposed to a brand’s influenced social media and paid search programs are 2.8 times more likely to search for that brand’s products compared to users who only saw paid search.

– 50% lift in click-through rates across the board when consumers had been exposed to social media and paid search.

– Specific keywords that found information about a generic product “went through the roof after being exposed to social media programs,”

– “The biggest challenge becomes understanding how to allocate budgets between the two media, social and paid search. It’s also about understanding when consumers are ready to invite brands into their social space”

ie perhaps it’s not (just) about affiliates and selling *within* social media, but rather using social media for listening and persuasion, then search and owned media for conversion?

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