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Owned, Bought and Earned (redux)

Seems like Owned, Bought and Earned is getting some press.

See Mark Cridge’s NMA piece here and the good follow-on discussion here.

Also, people got very excited on twitter by the article in which Fred Wilson pointed out that Earned Media isn’t free. The title of that article was a little misleading, as his main point was much more interesting: Brands earn media primarily by having a great product experience, and by doing fantastic customer service. This echoes my point about pro-active customer service being the key to success in this field: making customers happy means solving their problems but also listening and being ahead of the game and delighting them in ways they didn’t expect.

Recently we have had a go at re-drawing our Media Trinityto reflect some discussions we were having about this. We were discussing how the original Venn diagram seems to imply that earning media is somehow a distict set of activities. The redrawn diagram looks more like this:



This is good because it shows that the more interesting you make your content in Bought and Owned media, the more your ideas will spread via Earned Media.

It is also a reminder you that you lose control in this process: when you seed content, you also cede some control to your customers.

We need to stop thinking of Earned Media and WOM as a distinct activity. Now that every media is essentially now social media, we should remember that everything we do has the potential to earn media.

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