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A tip for people interviewing for jobs.

I recently got a new job as Head of Digital and CRM at Fiskars! \o/

Getting a new job meant going through some interviews..

When interviewing for jobs, there is a question that I never seemed to answer very well:

It’s always a tough one to answer, as most factual information is available before the interview via the web, or it has been covered during the interview already. Often, people say “not really thanks, everything I wanted to know has been covered”, which leaves the end of the interview on a bit of a flat note.

Here’s my new go-to answer to that question:

It works no matter what topics you have covered in the interview.

It is good because you are asking for a personal opinion, so you don’t come across as under-prepared having not  researched the company fully.

It makes the interviewer think, and to some extent he or she has to sell the job to you. It is quite easy to think of the best thing, but when thinking of the worst thing many interviewers try to minimize how bad it seems. This seems to turn the tables and turns you into attractive prospect who the interviewer is now persuading to join their company.

And, who knows, the answer the interviewer gives might help you decide if you really do want the job after all..

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